Sierra Health Foundation - The Right Perspective Can Change the World. Reducing health disparities in California begins with a strong vision.
Sierra Health Foundation - The Right Perspective Can Change the World. Reducing health disparities in California begins with a strong vision.


Gil Alvarado
Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and CFO
(916) 922-4755 x3316
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Noemi Avalos
Evaluation Associate
(916) 922-4755 x3336
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Shakeya Bell
Sacramento Building Healthy Communities
Administrative Assistant
(916) 431-7485
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Amy Birtwhistle
Senior Program Associate
(916) 922-4755 x3306
E-mail Amy

Michael Blair
WayUp Sacramento
Executive Director
(916) 208-5123
E-mail Michael

Ellen Braff-Guajardo
Director of Regional Programs
(916) 396-5227
E-mail Ellen

CaseyAnn Carbonell
Program Associate
(916) 922-4755 x3356
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Cori Carlos
(916) 922-4755 x3310
E-mail Cori

Bob Carson
Events Assistant
(916) 922-4755 x3110
E-mail Bob

Matt Cervantes
Director of Health Programs
(916) 922-4755 x3216
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Matt’s Bio

Lucas Cole
Grant Accountant
(916) 922-4755 x3309
E-mail Lucas

Leslie Cooksy, Ph.D.
Evaluation Director
(916) 922-4755 x3333
E-mail Leslie

Sergio Cuellar
Program Manager
(916) 922-4755 x3334
E-mail Sergio

Richard Dana
Director of Economic Development
(916) 922-4755 x3211
E-mail Richard

Nora Dunlap
Program Officer
(916) 922-4755 x3213
E-mail Nora

Samantha Garcia
Communications Officer
(916) 922-4755 x3104
E-mail Samantha

Ray Green
MBK Sacramento Coordinator
(916) 922-4755 x3358
E-mail Ray

Lisa Hailey
Grants and Contracts Administrator
(916) 922-4755 x3324
E-mail Lisa

Kaying Hang
Vice President of Programs and Partnerships
(916) 922-4755 x3319
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Kaying’s Bio

Sommer Hayes
WayUp Sacramento
Program Coordinator
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Chet P. Hewitt
President and CEO
(916) 922-4755 x3300
E-mail Chet
Chet’s Bio

Genoveva Islas
Cultiva La Salud
Program Director
(559) 498.0870 x101
E-mail Genoveva

Tina Jerue
Accounts Payable Specialist
(916) 922-4755 x3212
E-mail Tina

Jessica Josiah
Program Assistant
(916) 922-4755 x3355
E-mail Jessica

Joan Kassis
Director of Accounting and Administration
(916) 922-4755 x3314
E-mail Joan

Fernando Loyola
Facilities Manager
(916) 922-4755 x3001
E-mail Fernando

Abraham Medina
California Alliance for Youth & Community Justice
E-mail Abraham

Alberto G. Mercado
Sacramento Building Healthy Communities
Media Communication Coordinator
(916) 709-6005
E-mail Alberto

Cindy Miller
Conference Manager
(916) 922-4755 x3105
E-mail Cindy

Kindra Montgomery-Block
Senior Program Officer
(916) 922-4755 x3323
E-mail Kindra

Lucia Navarro
Cultiva La Salud
Administrative Assistant II
(559) 498-0870
E-mail Lucia

Katy Pasini
Communications Officer
(916) 922-4755 x3304
E-mail Katy

Lourdes Perez
Cultiva La Salud
Program Manager (Stanislaus)
(559) 664-3602 x131
E-mail Lourdes

Debbie Pollard
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
SVP, Finance & Administration and CFO
(916) 922-4755 x3303
E-mail Debbie

Cindy Quezada
Senior Program Officer
(916) 502-1236
E-mail Cindy

Karissa Rogers
(916) 922-4755 x3200
E-mail Karissa

Madeline Sabatoni
Senior Program Associate
(916) 922-4755 x3328
E-mail Madeline

Kervonda Sampson
Grant and Payroll Accountant
(916) 922-4755 x3312
E-mail Kervonda

Dayanna Sevilla
Program Assistant
(559) 992-0670 x4001
E-mail Dayanna

Madyson Taylor
Conference Center Assistant
(916) 922-4755 x3106
E-mail Madyson

Marisa Vang
Program Assistant
(916) 922-4755 x3218
E-mail Marisa

Kim Williams
Sacramento Building Healthy Communities
Hub Manager
(916) 704-6538
E-mail Kim

Kimberly Yost, CPA
(916) 922-4755 x3305
E-mail Kimberly