Our Safety and Wellness are Inextricably Linked

There have been three mass shootings in three days in California.

We grieve with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community of Monterey Park and the families whose loved ones were murdered or injured celebrating the Lunar New Year. Our hearts are with the farmworkers in Half Moon Bay who lost neighbors. Our condolences are with the many injured in Oakland and the family of the young man who died.

Thoughts are not enough, we know. Where we live, play and work should be free from the threat of any violence. Safety is wellness. We are ever committed to ending all violence — including gun violence — in California and ensuring all our communities are safe.

In just over three weeks in 2023, there have been 39 mass shootings in the United States. It’s past time for change.

— Sierra Health Foundation and The Center

Learn more about our Stop the Hate partners’ efforts and leadership to end the violence in and against targeted communities. The Center at Sierra Health Foundation supports 18 nonprofit organizations working to end racism and discrimination against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities through the Stop the Hate program funded by California Department of Social Services. Learn more about our Stop the Hate partners’ efforts and leadership.