Donate 4 SJV COVID-19 Response Cluster

Total pledged amounts and donations = $7,488,722

Total amount distributed = $7,126,617

San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster

Over the coming months, everyone in the San Joaquin Valley will continue to experience the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the health, economic, educational and social impacts will continue to be felt most acutely by the most vulnerable populations and the organizations that serve them. This includes farmworkers and other low-wage essential workers and their families, the under- and uninsured, the unemployed and the underemployed, immigrants, communities of color, low-income families with small children, non-English proficient, homeless, LGBTQ+, and small and emerging community-based organizations.

“We were very fortunate to receive investment from the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund in order to provide COVID-19 relief for vulnerable elderly Latina immigrants in Fresno County through our #SaveTheSeñoras project. Our program has been serving over 100 women countywide on a monthly basis. Our supports have included groceries, personal hygiene products, household cleaning supplies and financial assistance.”

-Genoveva Islas, Founder & Executive Director, Cultiva La Salud

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, through the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund – a community-led funder collaborative working across the nine counties of the region – continues to raise private and philanthropic contributions to support those most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Sierra Health Foundation and The California Endowment teamed up to seed the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster with contributions of nearly $500,000.

The mission of the Response Cluster is to ensure vulnerable families, individuals and the nonprofits serving them have the essential supplies, food, rent, utilities and other provisions needed, including access to the services, programs and protections available under local, state and federal law. As we move forward, we want to also support recovery, resilience and policy and systems change to address the root inequities that cause vulnerable populations to experience severe consequences as a result of all types of crises, including pandemics, economic downturns, natural disasters and others.

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San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster Phase 1 Funding Awards

San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster Phase 2 Funding Awards

COVID-19 Farmworker Resiliency Funding Awards

Please donate generously. You may choose to direct your contribution in the following ways:

  1. Support for Farmworkers and Immigrants
  2. Enhanced Health Education/Health System Navigation Resources
  3. Support for Vulnerable Children and Families
  4. Support for Homeless and Those in Over-Crowded Housing
  5. Nonprofit Flexible Support
  6. Support focused on other particular vulnerable populations e.g., African American, LGBTQ+, limited-English-speaking populations, formerly incarcerated) or geographies (specified San Joaquin Valley county or counties)

See full descriptions of these donation areas.

Unfortunately, this is not a temporary crisis. The health, social, educational and economic life of San Joaquin Valley vulnerable communities is likely to experience severe disruption for months. State and federal government responses are helpful, but are insufficient to ensure that the diverse families and communities of the San Joaquin Valley get the direct help they need in a timely manner. Through the power of the SJVHF network, which currently includes more than 30 funder partners and nearly 150 community partners, we will work together and demonstrate the incredible commitment and impact of a collaborative dedicated to advancing health and equity for all.

Your contribution will help deepen the impact and reach of the existing network of cultural and ethnically diverse partner organizations and grassroots groups to effectively and expeditiously provide response and support to particularly vulnerable communities.

If you would like to mail a check:

  1. Make the check out to Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management
  2. Optional: Complete this donation form to identify how your donation will be applied and include with your check
  3. Write Donate4SJV in the memo line
  4. Mail to:
    The Center at Sierra Health Foundation
    c/o Donate4SJV
    1321 Garden Highway
    Sacramento, CA 95833

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Funding Partners:

  • 11th Hour Project, A Program of The Schmidt Family Foundation
  • Anonymous Donor, though the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Anonymous East Coast Family Foundation
  • Blue Shield of California Foundation
  • California Health Care Foundation
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • IKEA
  • Sierra Health Foundation
  • Stuart Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • The California Wellness Foundation
  • The Grove Foundation
  • Werner-Kohnstamm Family Giving Fund
  • Individual Donors