Questions and Answers

What makes the Nonprofit Innovation Center different from renting space downtown or in the suburbs?

The Nonprofit Innovation Center is located conveniently off Garden Highway, with views of the Sacramento River. Our location makes us accessible for visitors from all over the region who appreciate not having to hassle with downtown traffic or parking fees. Our building also can be accessed easily by bus or bike. Tenants who ride their bikes to work can take advantage of secure bike storage and on-site showers.

We’re a small nonprofit. Do we really need such a nice workspace?

It’s common to hear about nonprofit organizations working in conditions that aren’t conducive to productivity. To save money, some nonprofits rent space in buildings that are located in outlying areas, or in buildings that are poorly maintained. Some newer organizations may even work out of the founder’s garage, or split their team between locations. We believe that nonprofit organizations will do better work if they have a space that allows them to dream big, think large and collaborate with others.

Are there any similar types of nonprofit centers in Sacramento that we can compare to the Nonprofit Innovaton Center?

While multitenant nonprofit centers are popping up all over the country, the Nonprofit Innovation Center is the first of its kind in the Sacramento Region. We have consulted with some of the best minds in the industry to create a center that will fill our tenants’ needs, resulting in a better-served community.

To find out about available space, e-mail Nonprofit Innovation Center Coordinator Shelby Bradbury.