Health Leadership Program e-newsletter December 2009

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Sierra Health Foundation's Health Leadership Program is designed to strengthen the leadership skills of current and potential executives of nonprofit organizations and public agencies whose mission is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of Northern Californians.

Class IX begins the journey
Alumni works to make greater impacts
Leadership resources from Dave Logan
Leaders on the move


Class IX begins the journey

Outreach and recruitment for Health Leadership Program Class IX started in January and ended in June, with a total of 73 applications received. After initial screening by the selection committee, 40 individuals were interviewed and 32 joined Class IX. With a large number of qualified applicants, it was a challenging selection process. See the class roster. Sierra Health Foundation and the University of Southern California would like to send a special thank you to all of the alumni members, nominators and community partners for recommending the program to outstanding candidates.

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In October, Class IX members traveled to Sierra Health Foundation's Grizzly Creek Ranch to begin their leadership training. This four-day retreat was punctuated by hours of intense learning, great camaraderie, earnest exploration and lively discussion. Discovering a shared love of music, participants enjoyed an evening by the fireplace, playing instruments and singing together.

Each year at the retreat, class members select team project topics and form project teams as a way to use their lessons in leadership to make positive impacts in their communities. Learn about Class IX team projects.

Read some of the Class IX Reflections from the journey so far.


Alumni works to make greater impacts

Health Leadership Program alumni members recently had the opportunity to participate in three discussions called From Insight to Impact: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected, facilitated by Dave Logan, Ph.D., from CultureSync. During the discussions, which were held in Sacramento, Chico and Stockton, alumni members generated many ideas to make greater community impacts as a collective HLP alumni network. For example, one team of four will create videos 15 minutes or less in length to share their stories, highlighting the leadership tools they use in their successes. The team includes Tom Amato (Class I), Angelina Dayton (Class IV), Kay Ruhstaller (Class VI) and John Sims (Class VIII). They will share more information as they progress.

Additional details of these sessions will be e-mailed to all alumni members. A special thank you to InterWest Insurance Services, Inc. in Chico and Health Plan of San Joaquin in French Camp for hosting sessions.

Learn how HLP alumni members are making greater community impacts through collaboration!

Leadership Story: Class VIII alum Joe Xavier reflects on the impact of his Health Leadership Program experience. Read his story.


Photo of Dave Logan

Leadership resources
from Dave Logan

Book Resource
The Three Laws of Performance
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009

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The Three Laws of Performance started with the question: Why is performance so low in most organizations, compared to potential? Also, why isn't performance a central concern of boards and top executives? These questions led to a think tank that ran for many years, where we examined various theories and approaches from neuroscience, psychology, economics, sociology and linguistics. We came up with three hypotheses that we believe qualify as laws (meaning they always work, no exceptions) about what drives performance and how it can be impacted. The think tank asked me and Steve Zaffron to write a book that summarized our discussions. The book debuted on Amazon at #1 and went on to hit the best-seller lists of USA Today, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal.

Online Resource
TED Talks

TED image

TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. It was started many years ago as an informal gathering where people would speak for less than 20 minutes about big ideas. Since then, TED has become the premiere venue for new ideas, and TED speakers include Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Al Gore. USC organized the first "TEDx" event, with "x" standing for independently organized. The event happened early in 2009 to a sold-out crowd in Bovard Auditorium, and the leaders from TED were all there to see how it worked. Of the many presentations that day, two or three were selected for the TED Web site. To date, about 500 "TED Talks" have been posted, and it's one of the most popular sites on the Internet for short speeches. The speech I gave has been viewed about 75,000 times. To check it out, go to, click on Talks and search for David Logan on tribal leadership.


Leaders on the move

Photo of Robert David

Robert David (Class II) has been appointed Assistant Executive Officer for Health Benefits for the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

Photo of Rafaela Frausto

Rafaela Frausto (Class I) now serves as Executive Director at Pleasant Valley Neighborhood for Learning First 5 Ventura County

Photo of Adele James

Adele James (Class VII) started Adele James Consulting, promoting healthy communities through organizational development and change readiness.

Photo of Jennifer Kwan

Jennifer Kwan (Class VI) became the Executive Director of Healthy Kids, Healthy Future in May 2009. HKHF is a tenant of Sierra Health Foundation's Nonprofit Innovation Center.

Photo of Betty Low

Betty M. Low (Class III) is now a Projects Supervisor for the Kinship Support Services Program at Lilliput Children's Services.

Photo of Mellissa Meng

Mellissa Meng (Class VIII) is now the Walk and Bike to School Programs Manager at the North Natomas Transportation Management Association.

Photo of Michael Minnick

Michael Minnick (Class VIII) is now the Executive Director for Sacramento ENRICHES.


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