March 30, 2018

Another life ended far too soon. In the wake of the heartbreaking and needless shooting of Stephon Clark, we stand with the Sacramento community and the nation — horrified and saddened, but resolved to strengthen our work to stop the violence and the tragic, unacceptable loss of young Black lives.

The unfortunate reality is that no neighborhood or child is immune to the trauma that gun violence generates. Young people need to be safe in their community, where they can learn and grow, they need community institutions that support them, schools to educate them, public safety to protect them, public systems that uphold their rights, and people in their lives who care about them and nurture them.

Communities of color have historically suffered and continue to suffer more pain and loss than others, but we know this community is strong and resilient. And while we are grappling in Sacramento with the tragic passing of Stephon Clark, in reality it is not just a city issue, but a national one. We must do better to shift the law enforcement culture and make immediate changes so that no more young lives will be taken at the hands of police. Instead of reacting to each tragedy as it occurs, we need to be proactive to build public systems where this outcome is no longer an option. We stand committed to connecting young people to opportunity, to wrapping families with the support they need to heal deep wounds and to working with our partners to create lasting change. Let’s do so in honor of Stephon Clark and the many other Black men who have lost their lives.