Sacramento County Health Profiles

Community Health Policy Scan Cover Graphic

Sacramento County Community Health Policy Scan


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Community Health Needs Assessment Cover Graphic

Sacramento County Community Health Needs Assessment


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Chronic Disease Report Cover Graphic

The Chronic Disease Experience of Sacramento County Residents


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Interactive GIS Maps

Demographics Map
CDPH Mortality Data
OSHPD Prevalence Indicators

The Community Health Needs Assessment is supplemented by three interactive maps that display data on:

  • Demographic variables, such as age, race and ethnicity, household type and poverty
  • Mortality by gender and associated with specific conditions
  • Prevalence of specific conditions as measured by hospitalizations and emergency department visits

The demographic data is presented at the census tract level. Mortality and prevalence data are presented at the zip code level.

Each map displays information in two ways:

  • To view the geographic distribution of an individual variable (such as female-headed households or heart disease mortality), click on the variable itself. The map will show what areas have higher or lower degrees of the variable. Higher levels are indicated by darker colors.
  • To view the details for a specific zip code or census tract, hold your mouse over the area. The data for that area will appear for all of the variables that are listed.