Grantee Resources

Questions About Your Grant

Please include the grant number in the subject line of e-mail correspondence regarding your grant. E-mail Program Administrative Assistant MyShawn Cooke if you have questions about:

  • Your grant
  • Modifying your grant or your grant budget
  • Completing or submitting your grant reports

Submit requests to modify your grant or grant budget in a separate e-mail to MyShawn Cooke rather than including the request with your grant report. This will help us respond to your modification request in a timely way.

Grantee Reporting

Refer to your Grant Agreement for reporting requirements, due date(s) and grant number. For each required report, submit the following:

  1. A narrative report (in Word or PDF only) based on your most recently approved performance measures. Include comments related to significant accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned.
  2. A completed Financial Report Form (Excel). Fill in your most recently approved budget; report on your grant expenditures; report on any balance.
  3. Media articles or web links, if available. If possible, we appreciate receiving a few electronic photos from the project that we can share internally with staff and our board of directors. We will always ask your permission before sharing photos externally with the public.

E-mail your report materials to MyShawn Cooke by the due date. Include your grant number in the subject line of the e-mail.